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special .15% concession in interest rate based on the individual CIBIL score.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the MAXGAIN ?

SBI opens an OD account as MAXGAIN account for you where all your principal amount is deposited. The principal amount paid as part of your EMI is always accessible to you for any use. Also, just park your extra money in the OD account to save on interest and withdraw anytime. Now you can do your financial planning better.  

My existing bank is ready to reduce my interest rate. Should I still consider transferring my loan?

Yes, SBI is the most trusted bank in India and there are reasons for the same. You should also evaluate the benefits of a MAXGAIN loan account with SBI.

Which SBI Branch would my loan be transferred to?

Your loan transfer request goes to a central SBI agency – SBI Cap Securities. They will ensure your loan is to nearest SBI branch of your choice.

I heard that documentation requirements are lengthy and tedious.

Most of the documentation requirements are the same as any other bank. We simplify things for you by our Doorstep service. You could have the peace of mind once the loan is approved.

The difference in rate of interest is only 1.0%. Would it make a material difference if I transfer my loan?

Yes, you would be able to save a significant interest amount. For example, for a loan amount of Rs 50 Lacs and for a tenure of 20 years you could save over 8 Lacs in interest payment.

Why should I go through Homechampz?

First of all, Homechampz is an authorized partner of SBI. Secondly, Homechampz will assist you in every step and get you the required attention and priority that you deserve.

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