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Artificial Intelligence​

For the kid's age 11+Yrs

Supervised/Unsupervised learning. Image, number, text, and sound classification. Sentiment analysis, Biometrics, NLP etc.

SBI Home Loan


Say No To Liquidity Crunch. With MaxGain, your principal amount is always there with you.

At-Home Full Body Check

New Property

50+ Tests. Complete Blood Counts (CBC).Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Thyroid,  Calcium, Cholesterol, and Diabetes tests.

Complete COVID-19 Antibody Test


At-Home Full Body Check

₹1,499 ₹799

At-Home Advanced Full Body Check

₹2,908 ₹1,399

At-Home Comprehensive Full Body Check- Women

₹7,598 ₹3,199

Kids Engagement

Artificial Intelligence

10+ yrs

Shlokas & Story Sessions

4-12 yrs

Mobile App & Game Development

11+ yrs


8+ yrs

Farm Fresh

Gourmet Cheese
Exotic Vegetables
Daily Essentials

Home Enhancements

Interior and Renovation
Fabric Care
Pest Control and Deep Cleaning

Housing and Finance

Home Loan
Property management
Property Buying
Financial Advisory